Katy Perry released the music video for her anthem “Hey Hey Hey.”

In it, 33-year-old Perry is dressed like Marie Antoinette as she prepares for an unwelcome date with Prince Piggy. While putting on her makeup and corset, she begins daydreaming that she is her own knight in shining armor.

Perry dedicate the “Hey Hey Hey” video to her fans on social media:

Perry wrote:
“I’m reflecting on a year that has redefined what winning means to me. And the definition of winning for me this year was simply happiness and gratitude,. This year has made me more appreciative than ever for my listeners, my KatyCats – whether you’ve been with me since ‘I Kissed A Girl’ or if you only started to ‘Swish Swish’ with me. I’m humbled that you still give me your nights out to connect with you live all over the world and remind me of the place in your hearts that you hold for all these songs. After a year of peaks and valleys (remember, it’s all a journey), I wanted to end 2017 with a fun, triumphant piece of pop candy. Just think of it as a glam little stocking stuffer from me to you. ‘Hey Hey Hey’ is one of my favorite songs from ‘Witness’ and for me, it embodies the fighting spirit I always want you to be able to find within yourself, and to see in me.”

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