By Angela Gemmill

A new season at Dynamic Earth opens Saturday.

The tourist attraction will have a special Ancient Egyptian exhibit, showcasing more than 80 artifacts from a Pharoah’s tomb.

Eighty-four replica artifacts, including an actual mummy, are set up in the special exhibits hall.

Senior Manager, Julie Moskalyk says over the next seven months, Dynamic Earth will also offer workshops, films, guest speakers and children’s programming focused around Ancient Egypt.

The first speaker in the Egyptology series is Doctor of Forensic Science & Anthropology, Dr. Angélique Corthals, who will be presenting tonight.

Dr Corthals helped build the first ancient DNA lab at the Cairo Museum in Egypt.

It was this museum which was involved in the DNA testing and analysis of King Tutankhamun and determined the lineage of the Pharoah.

Moskalyk says she’s been asked numerous times why an earth sciences and mining centre is showing an exhibit like this.

She says there is science in mummification, mathematics and technology in designing and building pyramids and the ancient Egyptians were one of the first people to mine.

They mined gold, silver and semi-precious stones.

King Tutankhamun: Treasures from the Pharaoh’s Tomb runs until September.