whatstrending4When Sofia wants something, Sofia gets it!! That’s what an insider good-looking people checking out Breakers resort in Palm Beach as a potential location for their wedding. They ate at the venue’s restaurant and checked out photos of their wedding cake offerings. However, it seems that Sofia will ultimately be making the decisions. “Joe is eager to make Sofia happy!” an insider dishes. (UsWeekly)sofia and joe 2014
Oprah Winfrey announced yesterday that she’s shutting down Harpo Studios in Chicago and relocating its production work to the Oprah Winfrey Network’s L.A.’s headquarters. “[Chicago has] been everything for me. I’ve spent more hours in this building than I have any other building on Earth,” Meanwhile, Page Six suggests that Oprah may ultimately move all OWN production to Hawaii, where she’s built a large TV studio on the grounds of her Maui home. But one insider says, “She has the ability to shoot there if she needs to, but…no staff will be moving there.” (Page Six)oprah
The official music video for Carly Rae Jepsen’s latest single, “I Really Like You,” will premiere in . on Bravo this Friday. The video, which reportedly stars Tom Hanks and Justin Bieber should be very interesting. Hey, this song isn’t poetry but it’s freaking catchy and Carly says, “I wanted a video that made people laugh and smile and just feel joy!” Here is the live performace from Good Morning America.
What does a squirrel drunk on fermented crab apples look like? THIS and hilarious.