By: Nick Liard

Mark Palumbo will be the first of many unsung heros of Sudbury’s arts community to be honoured by the Sudbury Theatre Centre.

The innagural STC Honours will recognize Palumbo, who has had a large impact in the not-for-profit arts sector, most notibly as chair of Music and Film In Motion.

Artistic Director, Caleb Marshall hasn’t lived in Sudbury for all that long, but is impressed with the strength of the arts community.

Marshall says Paulmbo has gone above and beyond to leave the arts community stronger than he found it.

Music and Film in Motion was created in 2000 and since then Sudbury has been home to dozens of productions each year, generating over 100 million dollars of economic activity.

Palumbo will feted on Wednesday, May 13, at a special command performance of STC’s upcoming Italian Farce “In Piazza San Domenico.”