Today KiSS 105.3 is remembering friend and colleague, Rich Griffin. On Saturday, Rich suffered a massive brain hemorrhage and fell into a coma. All of us hoped that we’d soon hear that Rich was on the road to recovery but those hopes were dashed on Sunday when we found that Rich’s family was making final arrangements. Nancy Griffin tells us they spent this morning in ICU with their best man Larry McGaughey, the radio sitting on Rich’s arm, laughing and crying at the wonderful tribute show that aired hosted by Gary Beech, Mike Allard, Ang Gemmill, and everyone at 880 Lasalle. The surgery to remove Rich’s organs has been delayed from last night to approx. 3 p.m. today. Rich is still on life support and will remain so then. Nancy wrote on her Facebook page that “The man we all know and love is really already gone, but please be with me in spirit as I say goodbye to his precious heartbeat this afternoon.” All of us at KiSS 105.3 encourage you to post your thoughts here or on the KiSS Facebook Page or you can call into the KiSS Listen Line at 705-525-7271.