By Nick Liard & Angela Gemmill

A new program which will help diagnose and treat children with vision problems, is coming to Northern Ontario this summer.

The Eye See…Eye Learn is a not-for-profit program from the Ontario Association of Optometrists.

It allows kids in Junior Kindergarten to get Ontario Health Insurance Plan (O-HIP) insured eye exams…and if prescribed, a free pair of glasses.

Sudbury Opometrist, Dr. Enio Pidutti, with Chelmsford Eyecare Centre, recommends a child’s eyes be checked once they turn three.

80% of learning happens through sight, so it’s important to identify early on, those students who may have vision problems.

He says many parents don’t realize their child has a vision problem and so the diagnosis comes too late.

For far too many years they’ve struggled with reading or seeing the chalkboard and that can form a dislike for school or learning.

Dr Pidutti says eye exams are also important for children since they can rule out any eye disease early on.

The Eye See Eye Learn program, which exists throughout much of Ontario, will expand to Northern Ontario July 1st.

For more information go to: www.optom.on.ca