TMZ has obtained video footage from 2011 in which Kesha denies under oath that Dr. Luke drugged and raped her. At the time, Kesha and Dr. Luke had both been sued by a management company that claimed the producer pressured the singer to cut ties with them. The clip shows Kesha looking very relaxed as she denies the allegations she’s now making against Dr. Luke. Howeer, Kesha’s lawyer Mark Geragos tells TMZ that his client lied because Dr. Luke threatened to destroy her life if she didn’t cover up his sexual assault. “He’s pathetic vermin,” Geragos says. “This guy is nothing more than his generation’s Bill Cosby. Interestingly, they both impersonate doctors.” A judge ruled last week against releasing Kesha from her record contract with Dr. Luke after she sued him for ongoing abuse.


Kanye West returned to Twitter in full form last night to blast music producer Bob Ezrin for giving his album The Life of Pablo a scathing review. After calling Kanye’s music “unmemorable”, Kanye fired back in a series of tweets:
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“I’m tired of old people that have no connection with anything trying to comment on music!” the rapper wrote of Ezrin, who is best known for his work with KISS and Pink Floyd. “Your kids are ashamed of their dad… Sorry for speaking about kids… but could you imagine if you were Bob Ezrin’s kids.” He added, “Ezrin I truly feel sorry for your friends and family that they have had to suffer an idiot like you for so many years.” Kanye then made an obvious jab at Taylor Swift’s recent Grammys victory. “I made Dark Fantasy and Watch the Throne in one year and wasn’t nominated for either and you know who has 2 albums of the year,” he declared.

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Celine Dion paid an emotional tribute to her late husband and manager Rene Angelil last night in what marked her first Las Vegas concert since his death in January. “We were one and nothing has changed. We will always be one,” she told the audience at The Colosseum. “I understood that my career was in a way his masterpiece, his song, his symphony. The idea of leaving it unfinished would have hurt him terribly. I realized that if he ever left us, I would have to continue without him, for him.” Her eyes filled with tears as she sang “With One More Look at You” and “Where Does My Heart Beat Now.” Dion also shared a montage of pictures and videos of Angelil and shared that he always made her feel like they were on their first date. Angelil died at 73 after a long battle with cancer. Dion also lost her brother to the disease just two days later.


Demi Lovato uploaded a video for her new song “Stone Cold” off of her Confident album. Demi says this is her favourite song off the new album