Poor Leslie Jones! Celebrities are rushing to her defense after hackers posted nude photos of Jones on her website, along with her passport and drivers license.

The hacker(s) also reportedly posted a video of Harambe, the gorilla who was shot and killed at a Cincinnati Zoo earlier this year.

While Jones has not yet publicly responded to the attacks, her website site was taken down and her fellow celebs are absolutely outraged, using the hashtag #StandWithLeslie.

Jones was previously harassed online by racist trolls – who had a problem with her starring in the Ghostbusters reboot.

Meanwhile, director of Ghostbusters, Paul Feig, was one of the first people to come to her defense:

“What’s happening to @Lesdoggg is an absolute outrage. Alt right, haters, trolls, “comedians,” whoever the f*** you all are, you’re just sad.” -Paul Feig

Katy Perry tweeted:
“Do not give your eyeballs to this racist, hate-filled, misogynoir crime. I#StandWithLeslie ??”

Singer Sara Bareilles:

“Why on earth? Such venom. I’m so sorry @Lesdoggg. It’s misplaced sadness and anger and you don’t deserve any of it.”

SNL costar Aidy Bryant:
“So angry, disgusted and sad about this racist violent assault on Leslie”

Taran Killam:
“May many more bad things befall the cowards who’ve attacked my friend @Lesdoggg. They are the worst of humanity, where she is the best”

Chris Kelly:
@Lesdoggg is better and stronger and funnier and more resilient than you and there is nothing you will ever be able to do about it. Sorry!”

Lena Dunham:
“Let’s turn our anger at trolls into love for Leslie Jones and into strategies to protect all the heroines who don’t deserve this bullsh*t”

Patricia Arquette:
“FYI sharing stolen intimate photos is illegal. You are participating in a sex crime”

The good news is “Nashville” is coming back to TV for a fifth season. The bad news? It will be Connie Britton’s last season and she’s only appearing on 10 of the 22 episodes.

While nobody knows how her character Rayna James will be written off the show, we do know that Hayden Panettiere and the other cast members will be in all the episodes.

The two-hour premiere is on Thursday, January 5th

Justin Timberlake and his wife Jessica Biel are throwing their support behind Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton by inviting her over to their home for lunch

Timberlake posted a photo-booth snapshot of the three of them, using the hashtag #ImWithher

Originally, Leonardo DiCaprio was the host but had to cancel.


Check out the trailer for the 3rd film in The Ring franchise, “Rings”.

“Rings” stars Johnny Galecki, Julie Taylor and Vincent D’Onofrio.
The movie will be in theatres on October 28th.

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