The top 4 highest paid TV actors are all “The Big Bang Theory” actors.

Forbes released the list of the 2016 highest paid TV actors and filling the #1 spot is Jim Parsons, leading with $25.5 million. Co-star Johnny Galecki knabs second on the list. Simon Helberg is third on the list with $22.5 million and Kunal Nayyar is the fourth and final star of the CBS sitcom to make the top 4 on the list. Meanwhile, “Modern Family” star Sofia Vergara topped the list for female TV actors earning a cool $43 million.

Here is the FULL list of highest paid TV actors

15. Justin Chambers — $9.5 million
14. David Duchovney — $10 million
13. Michael Weatherly — $10 million
12. Kevin Spacey — $10.5 million
11. Eric Stonestreet — $11 million
10. Ed O’Neil — $11.5 million
9. Ray Romano — $12 million
7. Jesse Tyler Ferguson — $12 million (tie)
7. Nathan Fillion — $12 million (tie)
6. Ty Burrell — $12.5 million
5. Mark Harmon — $20 million
4. Kunal Nayyar — $22 million
3. Simon Helberg — $22.5 million
2. Johnny Galecki — $24 million
1. Jim Parsons — $25.5 million

Meg Miller
Meg Miller

Newlyweds Elisabeth and Ryan were getting their wedding photos taken in NYC’s Central Park when two-time Oscar winner Tom Hanks approached them.

Wedding photographer Meg Miller says Hanks was jogging when he spotted the couple, and ran over.

She says: “He had on a hoodie and a hat and took them off as he was coming up, and he was like, ‘Hi, I’m Tom Hanks.’ And we’re all like, ‘Got that,'” He also said he’s an ordained minister if they needed to get married right now, but they were already married.”

How cool is that?! Talk about the icing on the cake!

The couple invited Hanks to the reception, but he said he already had plans. Instead, he asked if they could take a selfie. OBVIOUSLY wedding photographer Miller was in her glory: “I don’t think I’ve ever taken pictures so fast. I took, like, a thousand pictures.”

Will & Grace returned to TV last night for the first time in 10 years! It all started with the cast tweeting cryptic hints and a trailer for a mysterious project, with a secret message that spelled out, “Will & Grace is back.”

At the time, we had no idea WHAT was going on. But last night, the cast of Will & Grace reunited to make an episode about the upcoming US Presidential election. In the 10 minute episode, Will & Grace are in the old apartment talking about Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.

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