Let’s face facts shall we.  You WILL be late for work NUMEROUS times over the course of your life.  However, there are 2 ways to look at it.  1) You can fight this reality for your entire adult life and hope you don’t get in trouble enough times that you lose your job.  Or, 2) you can embrace this reality and take action to make sure you cover your time-sensitive transgressions whenever they occur.

The question becomes…how?  While you’ve likely come up with a few options – I’m guessing you haven’t come up with enough of them and that’s why I’m here!  This is the definitive list of excuses AND even includes video execution of them so you can see how well they work.

That, or I just found a hilarious video that you’ll have a lot of fun watching at the office today.

Either way – enjoy!  By the way – my favourites are “The Reverse Psycologist” and “The Character Witness”

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