By: Nick Liard

What would you do with one million dollars?

OLG’s Lotto Max players were surveyed and nearly 90% say travel tops the list of things to do with a million.

Friday’s Lotto Max has jumped to 90 million in prizing, a 60 million jackpot and 30 Maxmillion draws worth one million dollars a piece.

Here is what other people in our province say they would do if they won a million.

Plane ticket upgrade: $1 million would be enough for Ontario lottery players to change the way they travel. Only 16% would continue to fly economy.

Share the wealth: Ontarians are very generous with 84% saying they would share their winnings if they won $1 million.

Eat Kraft Dinner: With $1 million in their bank accounts, 48% of players say Kraft Dinner would still be a staple on their menu.

Get out of the kitchen: A mere 6% of players would continue to cook, favouring instead to hire a personal chef!

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