By: Nick Liard


Three Robberies

Attempted robberies in New Sudbury and Downtown earlier this week have police believing they may be connected.

Police say a male demanded money from a female who was walking on Lamothe Street near Cambrian College on Monday…but when she said she had none, the male pushed her to the ground and punched and kicked her.

On January 15th and 16th on Elm Street similar robberies happened, where one female was punched twice in the face and another says the male had a knife but she alerted people before anything happened.

In all cases the male demanded money and police are calling on the public for information on the suspect or suspects.

There were minor injuries suffered.

All three happened between 11 pm and 1 am.


Weapons Complaint

A containment area had to be set up Tuesday in Capreol as a male was trying to get into a residence with a firearm.

Police were called at around 4 pm as the suspect displayed a firearm to the victim from outside the residence on Queen Street.

Police set up a perimeter and at 5:40 took the suspect into custody without incident or injury to either party.

The two knew each other and now the suspect faces nine different charges.


Collin Found

Greater Sudbury Police say they have arrested 30-year old Devin Collin.

Collin was wanted on an outstanding warrant for possession of child pornography and officers say he had attended a school yard, speaking to students under the age of 16 which was a breach of his court orders.

Police say he was apprehended overnight on Wednesday and appeared in bail court this morning.

Police issued a statement saying he had been avoiding police, earlier this week.

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