The side hustle is the way of the new world.

It might sound like a cool dance move from the 80s, but I assure you it’s not.

So first thing’s first: what is a side hustle?

Side Hustle: something you can do outside your 9-5 that allows you to make extra money and gives you the flexibility to do what you’re interested in

So if you’ve ever wanted to sell your art online, or offer business advice for start-ups (and you have the credentials), you can do that on the side while keeping your main job.

It’s becoming more and more common to see young professionals not only work their regular 9-5 jobs, but also another job or two on top of that.

Gone are the days when you would punch in, work 8 hours, and forget about work for the rest of the day. Those jobs certainly still exist, but we’re seeing a rise in the around-the-clock work life.

It’s not necessarily a bad thing though. Although a side hustle can hopefully supplement your income, it’s often a passion project that you get to work on in your spare time. Think about the last time you got so caught up in something that you didn’t realize how much time you’ve spent doing it. If you can feel that way about your side hustle, you’re winning, my friend.

Melissa Morgan is a 23 year-old Art Director who has two side hustles that she’s passionate about. She’s able to supplement her income by $500-$1000/week by doing this.

The best part: it doesn’t even feel like work.

Nancy Birko chatted with her to get some more insight about life with a side hustle (or two). Listen to the full interview here:




You can learn more about Melissa and other Canadian women with side hustles here.

Melissa Morgan


Twitter: @MelissaAMorgan

Instagram: @MelissaAnneMorgan


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