This is honestly one of the sweetest stories that I’ve seen in awhile and it involves a police officer and an elderly woman.

Officer Kristian Johnson of the Logan, Utah Police Department responded to a call by an elderly woman who requested help fixing her microwave, which according to the officer isn’t exactly an unusual request.


The Herald Journal
The Herald Journal


He told The Herald Journal, “It’s not uncommon to get a call — well, it’s the first microwave I’ve ever fixed — but it’s not uncommon for the elderly to need some help; there is just no one to help them and they don’t know who else to call…And if they call us, we go — that’s just what we do.”

The woman, identified as Shirley, is blind and was home alone at the time and was concerned about possibly starting a fire so, she called the police to ask for someone to help her out and make sure that everything was working okay.

After Johnson fixed the microwave he asked Shirley, “Is there anything else I can do for you?”

Shirley responded, “Do you sing?”

Johnson was hesitant saying that he wasn’t a really good singer but realized that the request obviously meant something to Shirley, “I realized right then and there that she expects a song, and I can’t say no to this lady…She turned pretty quickly and her expression changed.”

Johnson then began singing, ‘You Are My Sunshine’ in the video above and it will warm your heart!

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