Maria Menounos has become familiar with bright studio lights, but lately she’s been resting under drab hospital fluorescents. Menounos, 39, revealed in an interview with People magazine that she left her E! News job after undergoing surgery to remove a golf ball-sized brain tumor…but it was the timing of her April diagnosis that sent shock waves through her family. Menounos’s mother, Litsa, was diagnosed with stage IV brain cancer in September but as she cared for her mother, Menounos said, another dangerous medical issue started to take root in her own brain.  She said she first thought the pressure on her skull was an ear infection. Then her speech began to slur on set. Finally it clicked, she said, after so many appointments with her mother, sitting in as doctors analyzed MRI images and threw around medical terminology. “ I know you’re going to think I’m crazy, but I feel like I have a brain tumor like my mom,” Menounos said she told her fiance, Keven Undergaro, who had proposed about a year before the diagnosis

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Based on trademarks recently filed by hip-hop’s foremost power couple, TMZ is reporting that Beyonce and JAY-Z likely named their newborn twins Rumi and Sir.  The trademarks sought for Rumi and Sir Carter are for fragrances, cosmetics, key chains,  teething rings, strollers, mugs, water bottles, hair ribbons, playing cards, tote bags, rattles, and novelty items.  The twins join 5-year-old sis Blue Ivy in the Carters’ growing brood.


Will they get the show they paid for or will they get their money back? It’s a question Adele fans hope to get the answer to shortly.  The singer cut out of the last two shows on her “Hello” tour saying she was under doctor’s orders not to perform because her vocal cords were damaged. She added on social media she had even toyed with the idea of lip-synching through the shows, but said she had never done that before and wasn’t about to start now.

What makes the status of the shows even more interesting is that she hinted along the way that her current tour would be her last. Those holding tickets to those last two shows will hope Adele has it in her to do them, rather than issue refunds.

Make way for the droids! The annual Fourth of July event in Washington D-C usually features singers and actors and a bunch of patriotic readings but this year, something out of this world will be a part of the event: droids.

In this case, it’s two of the world’s most famous droids: R-2-D-2 and C-3-P-O of “Star Wars” fame who will be on stage as the National Symphony Orchestra plays some of the music composed by John Williams movie from the sci-fi classic to mark it’s 40th anniversary. Others taking part in the annual “A Capitol Fourth” event will be John Stamos, who will host introduce acts like the Four Tops, Trace Adkins and the Beach Boys.
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