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Canada is a country of 4 seasons right?  Just imagine if the weather was a NON-FACTOR in your choice to go downhill or cross country skiing or snowboarding WHENEVER you want to. Thanks to a new “high-tech” surface made in Germany, year-round skiing is already a reality.

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The „365“ snow slip click system can turn dry ski hills into ready to go ski hills or sliding hills or whatever.  From their website we learn that through the years of experience of RS plastic, Yiippi offers new innovative products in artificial snow slip mat. „365“snow slip mat, an ideal foundation and solution for all ski lift operators for the entry and exit points, ski lift track as for all beginners area (skiing, snowboarding, cross- country skiers) who would like to practice on a constant background with no changing circumstances and surprises.

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A Connecticut ski resort, Powder Ridge in Middlefield says it will open a 500-foot run in August that features a “high-tech” surface that acts as artificial snow. The resort also plans to open two tubing lanes covered in the same material. Sean Hayes, who runs the resort, says skiers and snowboarders will be required to wear long pants and helmets. He also suggests leather gloves along with knee and elbow pads.

So how does it work?  Pieces snap together.  Simple right?

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Cool idea for a tall hill near you.


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