This week was a battle, and not the kind of battle you’re thinking about. It was a battle to see who has the bigger stomach, who can eat the most blueberry pie in the shortest time period. This event was incredibly difficult, tougher than all the competitors would expect. The KiSS Summer Cruiser came in third, which is a decent finish in studio standards, finishing higher than anyone else has in recent history, but it’s not enough! next year we will prevail and practice, getting our stomach ready to finish that pie in the shortest time humanly possible.

We kicked off the week at Bell Park, enjoying the beautiful sunshine and the +25 degree weather. We later moved on to Dynamic Earth where we played some of the fun and interactive games they have. We learnt a little more about some of the fun amenities and activities Dynamic Earth has to offer.

After Dynamic Earth we popped into Boston Pizza to “swag up” some of the customers who were enjoying their delicious meals.

Friday was Midway day! We spent the afternoon with the Midway in Chelmsford where we got to check out some of the incredible rides they have. It was a ton of fun and it was amazing to see all the smiles on the children’s faces throughout the course of the day.

Saturday started off at the Downtown Sudbury Farmers Market, there they had some fresh produce and an incredible blueberry pancake breakfast. The Farmers Market had some incredible vendors who were selling some useful items such as body scrub butter, protein powder, and of course some of the freshest tomatoes I ever did see. We moved on to a Charity BBQ at The Rock Harley Davidson in support of the Maison McCulloch Hospice. The BBQ had some delicious burgers and some incredible live music, they also had two Harley Davidson motorcycles up for raffle.

After The Rockey Harley Davidson we moved on to another charity BBQ in Chelmsford where they were supporting The Friendship House Food Bank in Chelmsford.

The week was a blast and we can not wait to do it again!

Check out the photo album from the week.

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