We got lucky this week, all though we did have some rain here and there, the week turned out to be beautiful and sunny.

The Summer Cruiser was all over the streets visiting the coolest events in and around town!

On July 28th the weather was beautiful and we were in Downtown Sudbury at the Theatre Cambrian Songs of Summer Music Festival. The performances were incredible, and it was great to see so much support from the community.

Here is a video of Natalie Crispo at Theatre Cambrian Songs of Summer, singing a little Ed Sheeran.


We later visited the Downtown Sudbury farmers market, they have a wide variety of items. From fresh produce to free range chickens, water bottles, ponchos, and so much more! You have to visit the Downtown Sudbury Farmers Market next Saturday.

Could we even call it a Summer Cruiser if we don’t visit some of the beautiful beaches we have here in the Greater City?  We were at Moonlight beach playing this incredible game called bucket boll toss, it’s fairly simple. If you can throw the ball in the bucket from the line that is drawn in the sand, you win yourself a prize, the prizes consist of; some Free KiSS swag, a Dairy Queen gift card, or a Boston Pizza gift card, all you have to do is get the ball in the bucket! Listen for me on air to find out when the next time I will be visiting the beaches for your chance to play bucket ball toss and win yourself some incredible prizes.

We later visited Capreol Days where I had the opportunity to dunk the competition in a dunk tank, it was a ton of fun and Alicia was a great sport about it, I think i cheated a little as i threw the ball from the “childrens line” but in my opinion, i think that line was still plenty far away! Check out the incredible video from the weekend. https://youtu.be/KbSe38Cb5Iw

We are having a ton of fun but the summer is coming to a quick end. It’s not to late to have the Summer Cruiser at your event!

Check out all the fun we had over the past week in our photo album!




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