Now this is the type of story that you want to start off your week.




A woman named Alyssa filmed her two kids Declan (4) and Raleigh (1) as they were going through a car wash.

Now, full disclosure, when I was younger I used to HATE car washes because they terrified me.




Young Raleigh clearly wasn’t a fan of car washes as she began screaming and having a fit. Luckily, her big brother was there to the rescue.

“We won’t die…It’s going to be okay,” he says while holding her hand and comforting her.

Alyssa says she wasn’t aware that Raleigh would have been so scared, “I did not realize how frightened Raleigh would be but by the time she really started crying there was a line of cars behind us so the only way home was to drive through.”

To Alyssa, watching Declan support his little sister was no surprise, “He is such a sweetie when it comes to his sister…He is very sensitive and is confident in his ability to make her smile and/or laugh when she is sad.”

Check out the adorable video and hooray to sibling love!



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