Kelly Clarkson is getting ready to release her eighth studio album “Meaning of Life” on October 27th, and she is teasing fans with the music video for the single “Love So Soft”. In an interview with EW, Clarkson says “I’ve actually always wanted to make this album and I just haven’t been able to””

The 35-year-old also recently opened up about why at one point, she didn’t want to be crowned the winner of American Idol

Clarkson tells EW:
“I do remember Justin [Guarini] and I having the conversation before, and I was like, ‘I don’t want to win, I don’t want to win’, because we found out we had to do a movie. He really wanted to do a movie. And I really didn’t want to do a movie. I was like, ‘It would be really super cool if I got second and you got first, because the winner has to do the movie and the second one doesn’t.'”


Clarkson explains how American Idol helped her get her foot in the music industry door, and she’s excited to do the same for someone else when she joins the 14th season of The Voice as a judge:
“I’m so excited to join The Voice at NBC. We’ve gone back and forth about a role as a coach for years, but the timing hasn’t been right until now. I can’t wait to turn my chair and see the faces of up-and-coming artists and provide them with the help and support they’ve needed to break into the industry. Watch out Shelton, I’m comin’ to win!”


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