Six-year-old Adam Mohammad Amer recently amazed some airline crew members during a random visit to their cockpit.

Etihad Airlines was so impressed with the youngster’s knowledge, they invited him to their training academy to fly one of their Airbus A-380 flight simulators.

The boy’s father told the Khaleej Times that  Adam’ has had a passion for flying ever since he was one. Neither of his parents have an aviation background. “He would hold a paper or a kitchen mop and pretend it’s a plane flying.” said his father Mohammed Amer.  He added that Adam “has always had a thirst for knowledge and he questions everything. We knew if we wanted to develop his character, then we should give him the space to ask and learn.”

The youngster spends time watching documentaries on aircraft, reads aviation magazines and conducts his own research online until he memorized the various types of aircrafts, along with their different sizes and parts.

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