President Donald Trump makes the mistakes and comedian Randy Rainbow sings about them.


Randy Rainbow stars in a new ‘Despacito’ parody called ‘Desperate Cheeto’, a song combining the summer’s No.1 hit Despacito and the most famous orange snack, CHEETOS!


“Upsetting everyone you meet-o, reprimanding Puerto Rico, throwing paper products at the people,” sings Randy about the time Trump felt the need to throw paper towels during his visit to Puerto Rico.  “They had these beautiful, soft towels. Very good towels,” the famous words that Trump used not too long ago when describing his paper tossing.


“Screwing it up since the election, you’re completely devoid of introspection,” says the opening line in which Randy later morphs into Hilary Clinton.


And the chorus, “Maybe you should finally just admit you are a… desperate Cheeto,” which is clearly a jab at Trump’s very odd skin tone. HA!




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