Morin Street Assault

Members of the Greater Sudbury police tactical unit and patrol operations joined forces when responding to an assault complaint at a home on Morin street early this morning.

The call came in about 4:20 when two individuals reported that they’d been assaulted and a third person could still be inside the residence but they weren’t sure where the suspects were.

All three victims were located and received treatment for minor injuries.

The Criminal Investigations division officers are on the scene and say the victims know the suspects and there’s no concern for public safety.


Vehicle Hits Lighthouse Restaurant

The owners of the Lighthouse takeout and catering business on Lasalle will continue the cleanup today after a vehicle smashed into the front of it yesterday morning around 7:10.

Greater Sudbury police responded to the call and the driver has been charged with careless driving.

Pictures of the crash posted on the restaurant’s Facebook page shows heavy damage to the brick work on the front of the building and lots of glass on the floor inside.

The owners say anyone that has ordered Catering, and for all other meals they regularly prepare, it will be business as usual.


Missing Tyler Haney

Greater Sudbury police need your help in finding a missing 26-year old man.

Tyler Haney was last seen in the New Sudbury area last Wednesday night and he hasn’t contact any family members or friends since then.

He’s about 5″ 11, 160 pounds with a slim build and a blonde brush cut.

He was last seen wearing dark blue jeans, a reflective construction jacket and dark brown boots.

If you have information on where he might be, please contact police as soon as possible.