Who really gets sued over posting their OWN baby picture on social media? Bruno Mars does!


Bruno found himself in a bit of trouble when he decided to post a picture of himself at a young age, impersonating Elvis Presley.  He posted the photo all over his social media accounts and now old Bruno is getting sued for it.




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According to TMZ, “Catherine McGann says she snapped the 1989 shot of Bruno — when he would’ve been just 3 or 4 years old, but was already famously performing the King’s hits. McGann says she owns the copyright on the shot … so, she was shocked to see it pop up all over Bruno’s social media.”



TMZ recently got their hands on some documents where Catherine says that she took the picture of young Bruno when he was around the age of 3 or 4-years old and had posted the photo on his Twitter, Facebook and Instagram pages.  So what, right?!?! Well, the picture received more than 1.2 million likes on Instagram ALONE and now Catherine is looking to gain in this situation.



Story goes, Bruno never asked Catherine if he could post the picture on his social media pages aka he didn’t get any sort of permission to post a photo of himself, in which Catherine states is copyrighted work.



Therefore, Catherine is now suing not only Bruno but also his record label (Warner Music) all for damages and profits that Bruno earned from her photo.



Sounds like Catherine just wants a payday #Whoops




In the meantime, check out this super cute video of Bruno Mars as Elvis when he performed in Memphis in August of 1990 BELOW: 



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