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Her name is Kimbra and you might remember her from her 2011 collaboration with Gotye on“Somebody That I Used To Know”, which has almost 1 billion views on YouTube.

Kimbra Lee Johnson is a New Zealand native who has a new album titled “Primal Heart” coming out in January 2018. You can pre-order it now and listen to her new singles “Everybody Knows” and ‘”On Top Of The World” on Spotify and iTunes.

She explains how her new song “Everybody Knows” is “mainly about courage, like waking up to realizing that you’ve been in some toxic environments and environments that weren’t empowering you and having the power to actually, sort of hold people accountable.”

Kimbra says releasing this song “gave me a lot of strength”

She also has a Primal Heart Interactive Website for fans, that allows you to create your own beats using samples from the new album and email them to yourself!


I (Shannon King) got a chance to speak with Kimbra about her new album, some of her coolest collaborations, what she was like in highschool and her favourite TV show on Netflix right now!

Catch Kimbra live at the MOD Club in Toronto on February 2nd 2018

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