A family that came to the city about a year ago is hoping to add a new member to their family.  No not a dog or cat, they’d like to adopt a set of Grandparents.

Shannon & Alexander Boutet said the reception from Sudburians has been very welcoming but Shannon says as parents they feel their two young children are missing out on something very important.

The couple decided to use technology to help them by going on line and advertising for grandparents at their email grandparentsforchristmas@gmail.com.  They’re taking applications via email from people who want to be a part of their two children’s lives in the role of “grandparents”.

Alex says some people may have found the idea strange when they first thought of it – but more people now have a better understanding since they spend time thinking about it.

“We’re not looking for babysitters,” said Boulet of the role she wants someone to play in the lives of her two children. “We would love for someone to just want to be, over time, part of our family.”

If you have an interest or would like to find out more you can e-mail them at grandparentsforchristmas@gmail.com

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