Two citizens have come forward saying they have received letters to be respondents in harassment allegations filed against two city councillors.

In December, City Councillor Gerry Montpellier and Michael Vagnini announced they were being investigated for alleged harassment against the city’s CAO and former Fire Chief Trevor Bain filed by the Sudbury Professional Fire Fighters Association.

The two citizens are Tom Price and Travis Morgan who were with the two councillors at a press conference yesterday and they echoed the councillors thoughts that they are not sure what to expect when they are called to a January 15th meeting investigators.

Price says he doesn’t plan on attending the interrogation on January 15th, isn’t sure what he has done and has lost respect for the city.

The investigation is being led by the a contracted private investigator in Toronto.

Both Morgan and Price say they will not attend.

Montpellier and Vagnini say they will not co-operate unless it’s held as a public meeting.

The allegations stem from fire and emergency optimization meetings.

Tom Price says he attended all of them, but Travis Morgan was present for none of them.

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