A Sudbury City Transit driver had to jump into action after finding a 17-year old girl laying on the ground without a pulse on her bus route.

On December 11th, Christine Larochelle spotted something unusual on the ground at the Fergus Bus stop along MR 80.

Christine Larochelle(left) talks with Hannah Godin face-to-face for the first time since the incident on December 11th



She parked the bus, jumped out only to find 17-year old Hannah Godin unresponsive and without a pulse.

Even through she had never been trained in CPR she went to work and is now being called a hero after Godin made a full recovery.

The city honoured Larochelle on Monday and it was the first chance Godin had to see Larochelle in person and the first thing she said to her was thank you.

Godin says she is alive because of Larochelle’s character and quick thinking.

Larochelle receives recognition from Mayor Brian Bigger


Paamedics arrived and were quick to bring Godin to hospital where she recovered and was able to call Larochelle a few days later but remembers little of that conversation.

Larochelle says this will stick with her the rest of her life and is happy the stars aligned and Godin is now able to live a full life.

Godin was able to get medical treatment to prevent this from happening again, and will no doubt remember the hero who saved her for the rest of her life.

Hannah Godin(red) sits with her boyfriend and her family, watching on as Christine Larochelle is recognized by the city.


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