SPOILERS AHEAD… Okay, now that you’ve decided to continue reading I can say that last night’s episode of This Is Us was arguably the hardest one in the series to watch.

We learned exactly how the character ‘Jack’, played by the incredible Milo Ventimiglia died; he suffered cardiac arrest at the hospital after inhaling too much smoke in the Pearson family house fire.

The tragic part is that he got himself, ‘Rebecca’ (played by Mandy Moore) and young Kate and Randall out of the house safely, that is until Kate begged him to go back and get their dog. Presumably it was going back in that last time that really did the damage (I have a theory about that below).



Well, the cast including Milo, Mandy, Sterling K. Brown (‘Randall’), Justin Hartley (‘Kevin’) and Chrissy Metz (‘Kate’) stopped by The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon and discussed the episode.

Jimmy started the interview off by saying what we were all thinking, “I feel like after the episode, I need a hug from you guys, and American needs a hug.”

The cast then went into detail about how they had to keep ‘Jack’s’ death a secret.

Ventimiglia said, “It was very secretive. We had scripts that were on red paper because they can’t be photocopied. We had a password when were talking about the actual event.”

Metz surmised that the reason behind the password (which was ‘Marble’) had everything to do with Beyonce.

“We think it’s because of Beyonce, y’all.”

Moore added, “We hear that Lemonade was called ‘Marble’, or our writers did and they thought this experience would be titled that.”

If you’re like me and you’re stressed out wondering what will happen to the character ‘Jack’, Milo took to Twitter to ease our concerns..

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