Do you consider your wedding day to be one of the best days of your life? For many people it is.

For Nicole Niesner, one of the best memories of her life was the day she finalized her divorce.

The 36-year-old Saskatchewan, Canada woman says:

“When I received a letter in the mail letting me know that I would be divorced as of December 16, 2017, it got me thinking, ‘How am I going to spend that day?’


The divorced mother says:
“divorce is devastating, no matter what the reason is for it – it’s a very painful process”.


She knew she had three choices. She says she could either “live it like every other day, cry and be miserable all day or celebrate a new beginning, a second chance.”

So what did she decide?
“I wanted to celebrate and acknowledge the day.” 
She says she had “come across divorce parties on the internet and thought, hey, why not celebrate!”



She brought up the idea of having a ‘Divorce Party’ to a friend, who immediately started planning a get-together at Nicole’s house. “My only job was to be at my house at 6:30 p.m”, she recalls. Her girlfriends started showing up in their wedding dresses, with wine, food and gifts in hand!

(Eoanna Tatoulis/MissYianna Photography)

That’s when Nicole put her wedding dress on and the party really got started!

Eoanna Tatoulis/MissYianna Photography

“When I opened the door all of my friends had brought their wedding dresses, it was so fun. I had no idea that this was the plan so I went into my storage room and dug my dress out. We all helped each other get dressed, danced around, took some pictures and reminisced about our weddings, children, families and friends”

Nicole knows how lucky she is to have such awesome friends, saying:
“These women came together to let me know that I am loved and supported by many.”

Eoanna Tatoulis/MissYianna Photography

The divorced mother says “the party wasn’t celebrating the divorce necessarily, it was about friendship and supporting me starting my new chapter. Nicole says she is looking forward to her single life and ‘turning a negative into a positive’.

Eoanna Tatoulis/MissYianna Photography

“Now that I’m single, I’m focusing on living my best life – I work out regularly, I have taken up painting, I’m working on my mental health and focusing on my children. I would recommend a positive divorce party to everyone. There is nothing more satisfying than turning a negative into a positive.”

Umm….Is anyone else getting flashbacks from that Friends episode when Rachel, Monica and Phoebe all did the same thing?





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