I am a MASSIVE This Is Us fan. Sunday’s show broke me inside. Here are just a sample of my tweets, including a conspiracy theory I have…



Well, clearly I’m not alone because This Is Us star Milo Ventimiglia, who plays ‘Jack’ sat down with Ellen to read some of our saddest tweets and honestly, they are so relatable (see the video above).

Some of the tweets included:

“I can’t handle this. I know Jack is dead, but I can’t. Stupid crock-pot. I wanna throw mine away now. #ThisIsUs”

“This is Us has the ability to rip your heart to shreds with each episode and in the upcoming one it’s going to absolutely crush it then light all that’s left on fire… like Jack.”

“Kate to Jack: ‘Don’t ever stop trying to make me see me the way you do. This is Us just nailed the father/daughter relationship in one sentence. #ThisIsUs #YourFirstLoveIsYourDad.

Once again, all so relatable.

You can also check out Justin Hartley, who plays Kevin, reading our sad tweets about the show back in October with Elle. 



This Is Us will be back next Tuesday to break our hearts once again!

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