It’s safe to say you can blame a fan named Ana, whose Twitter handle is @itsmendesart (yes, a Shawn Mendes fan page) who started all of this.


Ana decided to post side-by-side pictures of Shawn and compare them to GOATS.  She began on Twitter by starting a thread of Shawn, naming it ‘cabra’, which is ‘goat’ in Spanish and well, fans began to notice and CONTINUED the thread #SMH


She posted pictures of Shawn smiling, singing, holding a rose, laughing, etc and then matched them with goats doing the same expressions.  Since her first post, fans from all over have been responding to the pictures, calling the resemblance ‘uncanny’.


Check out how it all started below: 







CLEARLY, Shawn doesn’t look like a goat but hey, I love goats, they’re cute and so is Shawn #WINNING


And it looks like it left some Twitter fans in ‘stitches’ …


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