This is one of the most awkward stories I think I have ever read, but because this is 2018 I really shouldn’t be surprised. But yes, as the headline reads a college student had the misfortune of finding out that whom she thought was her biological father was actually not, and she found out in front of her Science class.

Shannon and Gary from KiSS Mornings shared the story Monday morning….listen here:





Students in the class were working on what’s called a Punnett Square. which according to – (since I most certainly don’t know what it is)

“a type of grid used to show the gametes of each parent andtheir possible offspring; a type of grid that can indicate all the possibleoutcomes of a genetic cross.”

Well, according to the story, a student was having challenges with the assignment because she said her dad was Type O and that he mom was Type A but that she herself was AB, a scenario that the professor aid didn’t make any sense.

Well, one of her classmates Anya Hettich (not the student in question above), live-tweeted how her classmate found out some unfortunate, and surprising news…


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