This must have been the most confusing hangover EVER. You pry open your crusty eyes and see nothing but darkness. Why? You fell asleep inside a pipe organ.

That’s exactly what happened to an Australian guy named Glenn Langford.

According to The Daily Mail, the 51-year-old former Freemason was planning on handing out cheeseburgers to the homeless, but after downing a bottle of whiskey, he was found drunk and naked inside a pipe organ located in the city’s Masonic Memorial Center.

Police say the historic organ was insured for $1 million dollars, but it may be damaged beyond repair after Langford crammed into one of the pipes along with his clothes, a toy gun and a remote-controlled police car.

Langford was released on bail and told local reporters:
“Things just got a little bit loose” and he “can’t explain” why he got naked and that he doesn’t know why he had a toy gun and police car with him.

As for the damaged organ, he said, “I apologize to all the righteous freemasons everywhere…Hopefully it’s not that damaged and I am very sorry.”

While Langford claimed he’s still a Freemason member, he added that he’s no longer “allowed to” go into the local Memorial Center as ordered by the court.

Meanwhile, Glenn Langford has become a bit of a celebrity, with one user one social media writing:
“What man hasn’t woken up after a big night out naked, surrounded by cheeseburgers and full of regret”

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