What’s the weirdest “Someone else eating” story, you’ve got?

Here are some of your answers:

1. I watched my kid eat a chicken nugget, not thinking anything of it until it was gone. We didn’t have chicken nuggets that day except we had them two days before at McDonald’s. It was a saved chicken nugget in his coat pocket in case he got hungry

2. I lived with a lady in Montreal while I was in uni she would whip and blend everything even though she had perfect teeth. One day I came home and she had pureed a filet mignon to the point she could drink it. Eww!

3. I was waiting for a flight once and this woman sits in the waiting area and pulls a plastic shopping bag from her purse. She opens it up to reveal a whole fish (head, tail, everything. This sucker was WHOLE) and proceeds to pick pieces off with her fingers to eat.

4. Once was on the bus when a man sat down at the front of the bus with a LARGE jar of pickled eggs. He sat there eating the jar , egg by egg, popping it in his mouth whole egg at a time. Needless to say , there was a mad dash of riders moving from the front to the back. The smell was just awful, all of the way to the back. And he ate the whole jar in that one sitting!

5. My uncle used to live with us and I once watched him make a peanut butter, Bologna, jam and mustard sandwich… and eat it..

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