Breaking news: the most important opportunity you will get in your lifetime is quickly approaching, and that is the chance to stand in a public place with several other Torontonians and yell Owen Wilson’s iconic “wow” in unison.

It all began in Melbourne, Australia this past weekend, with fans of the actor gathering at Federation Square to shout his catchphrase loudly and proudly. The event’s organizer, Nicolas Zoumboulis, spoke to The Independent about his inspiration. “Ultimately I just really want to put some ‘positive energy,’ as Wilson likes to say, out into the world,” he said. “If I can remind people that this world we are lucky to inhabit is beautiful, and to embrace that like Wilson does in his movies by saying ‘wow,’ then I’ll be happy.”

The result was LOL-worthy, with hundreds of Aussies showing up to imitate Wilson.

If you love this idea, you’re not alone and soon, you’ll have your own chance to chime in. Happening April 6, Toronto resident Kit Hornby is to thank for organizing an identical event right here in the Six.

Save the date, y’all.

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