1. The Junk Drawer

    -We all have one….that random drawer in your home where EVERYTHING random goes….scissors, elastic bands, matches, random tupperware lids, etc.
    -The first thing you should do is dump all of the drawer’s contents onto your kitchen table or into another large container.
    -One by one, start making little piles for each item. (technology pile, elastics pile, batteries pile, toothpick pile, etc)
    -Once everything is separated into piles, it will be easier to discern where you want them to go next.
    -Hint: Ice cube trays and muffin trays make great organizing compartments.
    -Try and use sandwich bags and large freezer bags for anything you have larger quantities of

    2. The Coat Closet


    -Getting the entryway closet clean is easy, keeping it clean is the tough part

    -Make baskets your best friend. Label them “scarves, hats, mittens, flipflops”
    -Now that the weather is getting warmer, consider replacing winter coats with spring coats and storing the bigger ones away until next winter
    -Hang a towel bar to hang scarves,
    -If you have kids, make baskets for each of them with their main-go-to-mittens etc

    3. The Spice Cupboard

    -Out of sight, out of mind. That’s how the spice cupboard works if your ingredients aren’t easy to find/see.
    -Buy a bunch of adorable mason jars with lids from the dollar store and put your flour, brown sugar, spices in the jars. Make sure you label them, too! It will make it easier to find everything and keep everything fresher longer.
    -Use small baskets or a Lazy Susan to put all your smaller spice containers in

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