Ryan Reynold’s Deadpool character is in Celine Dion’s new music video, “Ashes”.


Wait, what?! Yeah, I was confused too. Turns out, Celine Dion’s new song is on the Deadpool 2 soundtrack.

In the official music video, we see Dion in a flowing gown singing the ballad on an empty stage–until Ryan Reynolds’ Deadpool walks out (in heels!) and starts doing interpretive dance. (There’s NO WAY that’s actually him dancing LOL)

The clip ends with Dion alone again onstage as Deadpool cries out from the back of the empty theater, “Celine, that was amazing!”

He then says they have to shoot the video again because:
“It’s too good. This is Deadpool 2, not Titanic.You’re at, like, an 11. We need to get you down to a five, five-and-a-half tops.”

After he tells Dion to “phone it in,” she replies:
“This thing only goes to 11. So beat it, Spider-Man.”


Deadpool 2 hits theatres May 16th.

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