A 3-year-old girl in Winnipeg is being told to cover up after administrators at her preschool deemed her sundress inappropriate.

On a warm Wednesday, Sadie Stonehouse sent her daughter Lola to Little Years Nursery School  wearing an ankle-length dress.

Apparently, the dress’ straps violated school policy because they were not at least two inches wide. Lola’s parents were told she could not wear the dress to school again unless she put a shirt on underneath.

Sadie Stonehouse says:
“She’s not going to understand. She’s going to think that maybe she did something wrong, when she very much didn’t. So now she’s going to be questioning her own body. And that’s such a young age to even be concerned about something like that.”

Jamie Stonehouse, Lola’s father, added:
“At two inches, she might as well just be wearing a shirt. It’s covering pretty much her whole shoulder and down a bit. So it’s not even a summer dress at that point.”

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