Today KiSS 105.3 went to a bunch of different Tim Horton’s Locations all around Sudbury!  We went to help out the staff and to support Camp Day!  When I got there, I jumped right into the drive thru to help take orders and give people their coffee, and it was tons of fun.  The staff was very welcoming and loved that I was there to help! So many people came through to get coffee for themselves and a Timbit for their puppies, it was very cute!  Other than the few cups of coffee that i knocked off the shelf – and then had to clean up – I’d say that my visit to Tim Horton’s to help with Camp Day was more than successful!

After I was done getting my hands dirty at Tim Horton’s, I headed over to the James Jerome Sports Complex to help kick off Sudbury Youth Soccer!  There were tons of kids playing on the field, all so excited to be part of their little team!  During rotations and half time, some of the younger kids and I sat in the field and caught a bunch of little caterpillars!  We gave them all names and then gave them leaves to eat.

The weather was just perfect for a night filled with running around playing soccer and making new friends on the team!  I can’t wait to visit more soccer games throughout the summer and give away some DQ treats and Toppers Pizza treats to all of the hard working kids who are playing their sport!

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