You have 12 hours today to be part of the process that will elect and new provincial government and Premier of Ontaio.  Liberal Kathleen Wynne recently admitted that her party will not return to power after holding it since Dalton McGuinty took over the top job in 2003.  Wynne succeeded McGuinty in January of 2013 when he stepped down.

Locally citizens will cast ballot to elect members in the Sudbury and Nickel Belt ridings between 9am and 9pm.

In Sudbury’s history the Liberals have held the MPP seat for 46-years, the PC party has held to the top job for 42 years and the New Democrats have been the ruling government for just over 15-years.

Liberals have been the Sudbury representative every year since 1995 except for a 5-month period when Joe Cimino was elected as the NDP member in 2014 before he resigned which set up the Sudbury by-election in which Glenn Thibeault was voted in.

The Nickel Belt riding has almost always voted NDP but the Progressive Conservatives were first in power in 1955 and held that seat until 1971 when Floyd Laughren took over. In 1999 the provincial government realigned its ridings to match the federal riding boundaries, and Sudbury East was amalgamated into the provincial Nickel Belt district.  Sudbury East elected the father-daughter duo or Eli and Shelly Martel from 1967 to till ’99.

To find out more on who can vote, where to vote and anything else.  Click HERE

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