A 3-year-old from Sudbury has gone viral thanks to some footage taken of him by his baby monitor.

Eli Graveline’s mom, Julianne, put him down to sleep one night back in January 2017. Later that night, when she checked the monitor to make sure he was fast asleep, she saw her then-two-year-old playing hockey in his crib. Eli was standing up with a mini-stick in his hand, practicing his skills with a roll of hockey tape as a makeshift puck.

Julianne says she has no idea where his love for hockey came from because she and her husband aren’t huge hockey fans, and Eli is too young to even really understand the game.

In fact, she says they never even wanted him to be involved in organized sports. Instead, they were more interested in keeping him active during family time rather than scheduled games and practices.

Shannon from KiSS Mornings got a chance to talk to Julianne about her superstar son…

Since all of this happened, Eli’s parents have signed him up for skating lessons and have told him he can play on a hockey team soon.

Julianne Graveline made an Instagram account for Eli to look at when he’s older. EVERYONE thinks Eli Graveline of Sudbury is destined to be the next big star drafted into the NHL.

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