This is the most Canadian story ever about a Sudbury man who might just be the nicest guy on the planet!

The men in the video wish to remain anonymous.

Every day, when the one guy would look outside his window, he saw this Canadian flag and a deteriorating pole. He noticed someone had been maintaining the flag, changing it anytime vandals destroyed it, etc. He didn’t know who put it there or who was maintaining it, but he wanted to make the pole…better.

Watch the video to see what happens next. 

After finishing the job, the man decided to leave a note, encouraging the person who originally put the flag up to text him so he could get their mailing address and send them more flags.


In the YouTube comment section, the original person who put the flags up commented:

We are the original owners of this flag that yes we erected many years ago & have maintained. We enjoyed hiking / snowshoeing to high places & found this wonderful mountain top decided to erect a flag so the beautiful Lake Ramsey water lovers might enjoy seeing a Canada flag flying proudly. Noticing our flag was removed our thoughts were why,why would someone take down our small personal flag that we thought was only a landmark to ourselves.? But upon hiking up to see the new flag pole & reading the note that was left our hearts melted wondering who ,why would a stranger do this for us. Then soon after another contact was made with the key and extra flags ,now a video of the trek to carry all the equipment . This has brought tears to our eyes of the very kind gesture these strangers, these men have created. Obviously our vision has meant something to others too & a start to do unto others with kindness & you will be rewarded.This new flag pole will allow us to change the weather worn flag more easily in any weather conditions. Canada is proud. We are proud. To have citizens who would take on such a task for others we should all be very proud to fly our flags high. Again we would like to say thank you to our kind neighbours, definitely we will keep flying the flag proudly as we are able ,hoping then to pass it along. Every Canada day we will remember this special 2018 holiday celebrating being a Canadian.! As the note mentioned ” Canada Is Proud “.

Shannon and Gary spoke with the man behind the idea……LISTEN:


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