Meteorologists have now confirmed that it was a downburst that we got yesterday. spoke with Gerald Cheng from Environment Canada who said what the radar showed looked like a downburst which is basically a very strong wind that comes down from the thunderstorm and hits the ground and spreads out.

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The city will also hold a press conference at 3 pm today to update the storm response, you can watch it live on

Sudbury Hydro says help is on the way from Sault Ste. Marie, North Bay and Huntsville as crews look to restore power to customers.

At it’s peak four thousand customers were without power.

Just after 12 pm Sudbury Hydro announced they restored power to all of Notre Dame, most of Hawthorne, all of the Gemmell area, which is about 1750 customers.

If you live in those areas and still don’t have power, call 705-675-7536 option 1.

The challenge becomes downed lines or trees fallen over lines.

Speaking with some crews they think it could be a few days before power is restored to some places, all depending on how bad damage is to individual homes.

Traffic is backed up in a lot of places and a number of streets including Grandview Blvd is blocked off, so traffic coming up to avoid Lasalle can’t get through and will be re-routed back onto Lasalle.

Sudbury Hydro is asking residents to try and avoid Lasalle near Authur Street which is near Smiths because traffic is making it harder for crews to repair.

They also advise to make sure appliances are off including sensitive electronics like Computers.

As power is restored there could be a surge and if you don’t have surge protection they could fry.

Unplugging sensitive electronics will protect them from possible damage.

The city says the Library on Lasalle will be closed until power is restored and expect delays on any buses that run through New Sudbury.

In times like these where there are power outages the elderly are most vulnerable, keep an eye out for neighbours and ensure everyone is safe and okay.