This morning I packed up the Summer Cruiser with a bunch of prizes from DQ, Toppers Pizza, KUPP Indoor Play Center, and Tail Blazers, and I headed out to Downtown Sudbury to enjoy the Greater Sudbury Market!  I was able to see a bunch of local Ontario vendors, and even got myself some local honey from Hanmer!  Snolab was there today as well and they were showing off a bunch of fancy science experiments! It was awesome!  They had a display of how light is refracted and another for refection.  There were a lot of families who got to see and enjoy what was going on!

After the Market, I went to the Greek Festival which is being held at the Hellenic Center all weekend!  I got to have my favourite treat, Spanakopita, with tzatziki and Greek salad.  It was an amazing lunch along with a sweet desert to follow!  I had such an amazing time that I think I’m going to go back for dinner tonight!

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