This evening Keira and I got our wizard on at An Evening at Hogwarts!  The Student Life Center at Cambrian College was transformed into the Great Hall from Harry Potter, and it was absolutely magical!  We went through platform 9 3/4,  through Diagon Alley, to Ollivanders Wand Shop, and then into the Great Hall to enjoy a nice cold glass of Butterbeer.  After that, we got to be placed by the sorting hat!  Keira got placed into Gryfindor, and I got placed in Ravenclaw!  This event was being hosted by the Canadian Cancer Society and was a total hit in both the wizarding and muggle world!  It was such a success!

Keira was like a kid in a candy shop.  As soon as we got to Cambrian College, she was giddy just seeing everyone in their handmade costumes, and when we walked into the Great Hall, She literally started jumping up and down – I thought that she was going to cry!  She kept trying to steal other peoples wands because she was jealous that she didn’t bring her own.  People were learning new spells left, right, and center, and trying out their new skills on anyone who was willing!  We have both decided that next year, we’re going to be the first people in line to get tickets!  Who could turn down such a magical night?!

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