Today was Miracle Treat Day at Dairy Queen!  I had such a blast cruisin around town in the Summer Cruiser, and going to all of the Sudbury Dairy Queen locations!  My first stop this afternoon was Regent Street, where they had transformed into a Disney Getaway!  Outside they had jumbo jenga, bubbles, and enough tattoos for a whole army!  We had a blast playing all the games and enjoying our blizzards!  I had a cotton candy blizzard of course.  After that, I headed over to Chelmsford and got to help the drive through make their blizzards!  It was so much fun to be a part of their celebrity VIP lounge!  There I met Meghan, who is a young girl in Sudbury who has had to travel many times to SickKids in Toronto!  Her mom told me that she has had 3 cardiac surgeries, and a dental surgery!  She is such a strong little trouper and I am proud to have met her!  She is one of way too many children in Greater Sudbury who has had to travel so far for the treatment that they need!


After taking to the red carpet in Chelmsford, I took the Jeep Compass from Mazzuca Chrysler over too the Dairy Queen on Lorne Street, and got to be a part of their Hawaiian Luau! I had my third blizzard of the day while I was there, and trust me when I say that there is never such a thing as too much ice cream!  I had a great time pumpin up the music from the Summer Cruiser, and greeting everyone who came out to join me!


My last stop of the day was the DQ on the Kingsway.  There, it was Hero Headquarters, and they had all the super heroes inside!  The line up for the drive through was so long it was on the street and backing up traffic!  So many people waited patiently to get their Blizzards to support Miracle Treat day it was so amazing and truly heartwarming! I am so glad that I got to spend today with all so many amazing people in our community, and getting to celebrate the 16th annual Miracle Treat Day!

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