Over at Jaolpnik, readers at the car-knowhow site are being asked to reveal the dumbest way they’ve ever damaged their car. Here are five of the best responses (check the link for more):

(Image: Mecum Auctions)


  • “I overloaded a roof rack once for a ‘short’ trip. I’m sure it wouldn’t have been an issue if i hadn’t encountered a speed bump at full speed. Fortunately, it was mostly a broken rack and some bent anchor points in the roof.”
  • “Pulling out of the carport after picking up the last couple items from my old house, a maneuver I’d done literally hundreds of times, I caught the bumper of my Focus RS on a supporting pillar’s concrete base. Ripped the whole front skin off. Broken clips and plastic galore. Ziptied it back together and limped home.”
  • “Minutes before setting of for a long road trip, I discovered some dirt on the rear view mirror. No problem: I pop it off the little ball joint and clean it thoroughly. I must have put a bit too much pressure on the joint when putting the mirror back on, because the entire windscreen shattered.”
  • “‘Was that the timing belt?’ ‘I don’t know, try turning it over again.'”
  • “It turns out that you can’t fit an entire house-full of furniture in, or on, a Mercedes W203. I crammed a dining table and six chairs into it, but damaged various bits of interior trim in the process. Worse, though was that I put a wardrobe on the roof…I just shoved the wardrobe really hard onto the roof before tying it down. This left two long deep gouges in the roof paintwork.”
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