Post Grad Problems has put together a list of things that will make you realize that adulthood has quietly snuck up on you.

  1. Here they are: You fall asleep on the coach during movies.
  2. You realize there are right and wrong ways to load a dishwasher.
  3. You have a mattress preference.
  4. Your hangovers last three days.
  5. You have the thought “I need more throw pillows” at least once a week.
  6. You become a “no shoe” household.
  7. You get stressed out about buying a dish drying rack.
  8. You lust over a $60 mop for a year and get super excited when you finally get it.
  9. Your birthday is just another day.
  10. And this year, it was on a Tuesday.
  11. Your curated ads are all for wedding registry or childcare.
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