Tim Hortons is warming hearts across the world with a video about a hockey team from Africa.

You see, in Kenya there is only one ice hockey team, so they don’t really have anybody to play against but themselves. Tim Hortons decided to do something amazing for the Kenya Ice Lions, flying 12 members of the team to Canada so they could play their first ever game against another team.

After dressing in brand new CCM hockey equipment and personalized jerseys, Sidney Crosby and Nathan MacKinnon walked into the dressing room wearing matching jerseys.

Tim Hortons also made a donation to Kenya’s Youth Hockey League to help make sure that the Ice Lions’ passion for the sport lives on for the next generation.


While we played alongside the Ice Lions for their first game, we know it won’t be their last,” said Colorado Avalanche star, Nathan MacKinnon. “The team’s genuine passion and excitement for hockey is contagious – they were amazing teammates and it was great to play with them.”

It is a dream to not only have the chance to play in Canada, but to play – for the first time – in full gear alongside two of the greatest players of the game,” says Benard Azegere, captain of the Kenya Ice Lions.

Photo Credit: Tim Hortons

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